Wednesday, 10 July 2013

here is how you can download the Mashup add-on 

Install and auto update
Download XBMC addon Mash Up download link
This is a blog about the new XBMC add on "Mashup" and everything that it offers.  

For the new add on for XBMC "Mashup" you can browse and play a wide selection of movies from the sites like, watchfreeseres, seriesgate, rlsmx, newmyvidelinks etc.

The new add-on Mash Up in XBMC is become one of the best add-on's in XBMC due to them having everything right there in front of you. 

For example 

  1. Tv shows 
  2. Movies 
  3. Sports
  4. Live
  5. etc.

 It has everything you are looking for in free tv. 

You can find this add-on under video add-on's in Settings on you tv box. 

For more information about everything about the add-on Mash Up at the websites and